Tesla Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film or clear bra is the best form of paint protection for a Tesla or any vehicle for that matter. Thin invisible sheets of urethane film are applied to your Tesla in a partial wrap, targeting high-traffic areas or PPF can be applied to the entire vehicle for maximum paint protection. PPF’s self-healing capabilities mean that rock chips, small scratches, and other imperfections virtually erase themselves. With our satin or matte clear bra film like XPEL STEALTH Satin PPF, you can change the finish of your vehicle to a matte finish while enjoying all of the benefits paint protection film provides.

Tesla Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating applied to your Tesla will protect it from UV damage, water spots, and minor surface scratches, and will provide superior gloss and shine. Coatings also repel dirt, grime, and water and will not be washed off like wax, making car care a lot easier. A high-quality ceramic coating applied by a professional ensures the quality and longevity of the coating, so it is important to understand not all coatings or applications are created equal.

Tesla Window Tint

Ceramic and carbon window films are the two best options when it comes to tinting your Tesla. Both are designed to reject solar heat and provide UV protection, security, and privacy. Ceramic window tint is designed to reject the highest percentage of infrared heat while providing increased security and privacy, without signal interference. At AFS we utilize only the highest-quality window films and installation processes. Our process and team are why Tesla owners choose to bring their cars to us for their protection and customization needs.

Tesla Vinyl Wraps

Whether you choose to add graphics to your Tesla or are really into a unique color change wrap, AFS offers an array of options. With our own in-house designers, printers, and installers your Tesla will be in the trusted hands of our advanced certified wrap artists. Known for the highest quality vinyl wraps in Houston, let us help you to customize your Tesla without ever harming the factory paint.

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