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When it comes to changing your vehicle’s appearance in a non-permanent matter, nothing beats a vehicle wrap. In fact, a vehicle wrap is the only way to change your car’s color non-permanently.

There is always the option to paint. However, even if you can argue that the new paint job is better than factory, it will ultimately depreciate your vehicle. A vehicle wrap allows you to change the color of your car to any color imaginable, while protecting your paint. All the while, you are still able to remove it at any time to restore your car to factory paint and never affect its value.

If you would like to take your vehicle color wrap further, we offer printing services. This allows you to go as creative as you want for either an artistic design or a advertising design for promoting your product or company.

Wrapping your vehicle has a number of other indirect benefits as well. The wrap is thin but it does offer some protection against rock chips and scratches. It is not the same level of protection of a clear bra, but it does offer some protection. Apart from the rock chip and scratch protection, the vehicle wrap does protect very well against UV rays and the elements weathering your paint. When the time comes around to remove the car wrap, you will be revealing what will look like brand new paint under there.