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Purposely developed to perform with PPF (paint protection film) & painted surfaces, MMT Ceramic Coating offers unrivaled gloss, superior hydrophobic protection, and UV protection with a single application. Wether you wash your own vehicle or have some one else wash it, ceramic coating will make it easier for you to wash it and you will wash it less.

Mmt ceramic coating
mmt ceramic coating

Ceramic Coatings - What do they do?

Car wax doesn't actually bond to your vehicle's clearcoat in any way, it merely sits in the pores of the finish.  Car wax is not just wax, it's a complex mix of silicones and oils as carnauba wax is actually hard like a rock and could be thrown through a glass window.  What's the problem with this?  When you wash your car, you are using a detergent.  Detergents are used to break down grease ie oils, waxes, silicones and by cleaning, it will also clean away your beautiful glossed up wax finish.  Nano coatings however are covalantly bonded to the clearcoat surface, this means it actually becomes part of the clearcoat by sharing electrons and is not easily removed unless if it's polished or sanded off.  For this reason, ceramic nano particles will not be washed off the vehicle and will continue to shine, protect from uv damage, repel dirt, grime and water for a year or more.

Hydrophobic ?

What is hydrophobic?  Technically it's a fear of water.  In scientific terms, it means that water does not have the ability to easily stick to a surface.  I definitely find it satisfying to watch a hydrophobic finish throw water beads in every direction as I'm rinsing a car.  The measure of how hydrophobic a surface performs is it's contact angle.  Some ultra high performance coatings like MMT Ceramic Coating will offer a contact angle of 115 degrees, this creates such tension that the water really wants to run off of the car.  What's the other benefit of hydrophobic coatings?  As you're rinsing your vehicle, these beautiful beads of water will help to pick up some dirt and debris and carry it away from your car.  This makes it so you are cleaning a cleaner surface and minimize the opportunity to induce wash scratches into it's finish.  As you continue on to your foam cannon rinse, followed by a two bucket hand wash with grit guards and drying with plush microfiber towels, you will be rewarded with a ultra glossy finish that would impress the best of detailers.

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